(April Fools) New "Story Mode" announced

I've been trying to think of ways to make Emergent Fates approachable to more and more people since I truly believe this game will provide a mix of interesting characters, well thought out gameplay, and a plot that immediately hooks you in. Looking at other games that try to achieve this though I often find they stumble in one way or another, often in their gameplay mechanics, which turn people away despite their interest in other aspects of the game (eg. plot, characters, etc.).

Today I'm happy to announce that I've come up with a solution that caters specifically to the people out there who just want to enjoy a good interactive story and not have to worry about challenging gameplay elements getting in the way. I've just added a feature so that whenever you enter battle you will now be able immediately end it and continue on with the story. Since these "story only" players will get an enhanced experience compared to the "normal" players we will require a small fee to make things fair for everyone.

For only $1 you can kill any group of enemies in the game and continue enjoying this amazing game that will surely be worth every penny.