What have you been up to?

When blogs don't get updated for a while usually it's a case of nothing to new report or too busy getting work done and in this case I'm happy to say it is the latter. This past month I've been able to focus almost exclusively on Emergent Fates and am excited at the amount of progress made during this time.

Some of the main features I've been working on include adding support for features in Tiled that are not supported in cocos2d so I can create more interesting looking maps (specifically adding sprites using object groups), implementing more of the story/dialog into the game, adding support for side quests, and lots of testing. This is all in addition to new artwork, UI, and sounds that are being worked on as well by others.

I look forward to providing more details as the game continues to come together and maybe one day have a alpha build for people to play with. Your support is much appreciated!