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What is Emergent Fates?

Emergent Fates is a roleplaying game that emphasizes the elements from which its genre first was born. Personable characters, rich world history and a fully realized storyline are combined with beautiful watercoloured 2d graphics for an artistic and narrative experience, while multi-class levelling, turn-based battles and player-chosen skill development allow for the customization and immersion which are staples of roleplaying. 


Emergent Fates is akin to being dropped into a hand-animated movie or illustrated storybook, with an autonomous twist.


A young student graduates into his homeland's Knight's Academy and is suddenly privy to political issues in unexpected ways... An enigmatic woman travels the world hunting powerful spectral beings for reasons known only to herself.... A scientist with few scruples examines the coexistence of parallel dimensions and their lifeforms...

One story is only a compilation of many. Through the eyes of a few people, uncover the grander underlying stories of an entire world.


Three kingdoms manage a tense coexistence which as of late grows shakier and shakier. Outside city walls, wild creatures and races roam, caring little for the allegiances and grievances of humankind.


A turn based battle system which requires strategic use of class abilities and coordination between the specific strengths and skillsets of each party member.


All characters gain access, over the course of a playthrough, to 4 different classes with unique abilities. The player can then customize which abilities to use in different capacities in battle. These abilities range from augmenting basic attacks, spending resources for enhanced damage, or mitigating damage from incoming attacks.

Recent News


The past few months we’ve been focused on whatever we need to finish the game, and things are looking pretty good…

We are excited to announce this July 13th & 14th Emergent Fates will be exhibiting at Bit Bazaar along with many many other amazing internet-ish things!!! See their website for a full list.

After all those months off, I'm back to my day job. Let me recount the details of my retreat for you...