Having just graduated into the Knight's Academy, Rasch is a young idealist keen on the idea of noble endeavours, loyalty, and a significant role in life. Though he has never felt his homeland to be less than perfect already, still he is in favour of the forces required to maintain stability and justice. He counts himself lucky to have a friend of high ranking in the Academy, but would also like nothing more than to make his own mark in the military so as to be valued even without the context of powerful friends.

Curious, eager, and maybe a bit naive.

Curious, eager, and maybe a bit naive.



A Knight of the Academy is trained to cultivate honour as well as combat, to care for allies on the field, and to mindfully analyze any hostile encounter.

Class style: Weibliher

Heals allies using first aid, or attacks with a chance to hit for bonus damage.


I draw my power from somewhere not restricted to this world.

Class style: Vitalität

Takes damage in place of allies, or regain health proportional to attack damage.


Subdue the enemy before we worry about me!

Class style: Opfere

Sacrifices health to deal intense damage.


I’ll sleep when I’m DEAD!

Class style: Enrega

Deal additional harm to an enemy whenever inflicting or receiving damage.