June 11, 2016 - Dev Update

It's been a while, how've you been?! Despite the silence, I've kept working on the game whenever I can...which is usually just on the weekends.

I've been trying to focus on finishing the story, or at least get it moving in that direction. I basically just play through the game and update the dialog and events as I go. Unfortunately usually when I get towards the end I realize "this is definitely not making any sense" or "this is pretty awful" so I have to take a few steps back, think things over, and then do it all over again. Hopefully at some point this will result in the story, and by extension the game, not being awful, but we're not there yet.

The past couple weekends I've had to focus on some song writing for my band so I haven't been able to work on the game as much but I hope to get back to it as soon as possible. I can say, pretty confidently, that no one wants this to be over faster than me.

On a good note Christina is still moving forward on the artwork every week so, even if I'm too busy to work on the game, progress is still being made! As a treat for being so patient here is a preview of some of the new monster designs:

For slightly more frequent updates feel free to check out Emergent Fates on Twitter.

Hoping to have more to share soon. I really appreciate everyone who takes an interest in and supports the game!!!

- Chris