See it for yourself!

I hope you enjoyed your holidays and had a happy new year! Although I haven't posted an update in some time we have still been working hard on Emergent Fates! This week Caitlin put together a little preview video to get you pumped!

After a chance encounter, Rasch and Mana investigate the mysterious Spectr sightings happening throughout the world and question the powers that be who refuse to acknowledge the Spectrs exist in the first place. What are these Spectrs up to? Who is behind it? When will this game ever be released? Watch the video and let the wheels in your mind start turning!

I'm also very happy to announce I'll be hanging out at GDC next week so give me a shout on twitter @emergentfates if you want to play a demo of the game or just pick up some free postcard swag!

Artwork by Christina Dee

Music by Box of Wolves feat. Christa Vi

Sound Design by Caitlin Kloeckner

UI Design by Gabby DaRienzo

Created by Chris Daviduik