Nov 24, 2016 - Dev Update

The past few months I've been working on Emergent Fates implementing a completed story arc however, despite finishing, I haven't been satisfied with the results. Anyone who has talked to me in the last year or so is well aware that the narrative aspect of this game is increasingly becoming the largest impediment to its completion. There are bits and pieces I am happy with, but overall it does not meet my standard of what I intend this game to be, and if I'm putting this much work into I'd prefer to not be embarrassed upon its release.

At the moment I've set aside a couple weeks (as opposed to usually just a few hours on the weekend) to focus exclusively on finishing up the games's remaining technical requirements. This has given me the opportunity to revamp a lot of the abilities in the game, adjust player stat progressions, make some significant improvements to the menu UI/UX, and several other minor tweaks.

This is Barth. He is bored waiting for the game to get finished.

This is Barth. He is bored waiting for the game to get finished.



While I've been doing all this, several assets for the game are still being worked on including colouring the remaining player sprite animations, creating new and original sound fx, and making icons to replace some of the text in the game (eg. status effects). As they get finished I'm continually adding them to the game.



Going forward I'll be revisiting the story (again) with the intention of creating something that actually elicits an emotional reaction and draws you into the game better than what I currently have. Hopefully this will include working with some outside sources to accomplish this.

I'm also considering creating a "Coliseum" mode in the meantime to let people test and give me feedback on the battle mechanics where you fight enemies of gradually increasing difficulty for rewards and achievements. As the players in your party level up you'll gain access to new classes and abilities which you can then use to create an optimal build for each player. If this sounds interesting to you then let me know and I'll get started on it.

tldr; Is the game going to finished soon? No. But it's moving in that direction.