Summer's Gone

Wow this summer has flown by. I had the pleasure of working on Sync or Swim shown as part of DMG's Arcade and Tournament in July along the harbourfront in Toronto. How exciting!

Since then I've been primarily focusing on finishing the main story in the game. We've also replaced many of the sketches in the game with coloured artwork which is always exciting as we get to see parts of the game start coming together. You can check out a scene from one of the kingdoms below.

I'll be continuing working on the main story but it'll probably take a while as I'm back to weekends only development. Aside from that I've been reading up a lot on "game feel" so I'm excited to play around with the fight scene in particular to make it a bit more responsive and fun to play. Then we just have to fill out the rest of the game and done! Hahahahahaha...?