Why iOS?

Emergent Fates was conceived several years ago by a single developer with a passion to fill a void seemingly abandoned by many RPGs of today. iOS was, and in many ways still is, the best distribution platform for low cost indie developers. As a result of several years of work already invested, the project will continue for iOS with Android and Mac versions likely following soon afterwards if the initial release is successful.

When will Emergent Fates be released?

There is no target date at this point however we are looking into possible funding options to accelerate the game's development.

Why are you bothering to make Emergent Fates at all?

Growing up I thrived on the creative JRPG masterpieces by studios like Squaresoft but in the past few years have felt, like many fans, a decline in the quality of story and characters present in their games as well as others in the genre. In an attempt to rectify this loss, especially obvious in mobile gaming, I have decided to create my own RPG. This game is not intended to sell mass quantities or appeal to a large audience but instead is a carefully crafted artistic expression.